Preparing Property for Tenants

There is an array of factors an investor can put in place to boost their property’s street appeal and potential for attracting quality tenants.

Not only does a rental property that presents well have a higher chance of securing a high quality tenant, but chances are, they’ll take better care of it also. So, before you run that marketing campaign, or open the doors to property hunters, check our recommendations to ensure your investment has what it takes to get the winning edge over it’s competitors.

What people can see from the road is your front cover, your first impression that you only get once, so make sure the lawns are mowed and the garden is tidy. This will increase the number of tenants at your inspections.

Secondly, you need to scrub your house from top to bottom. It will surprise you with how many rental properties are dirty and not maintained. Your house will REALLY stand out to better tenants if it’s nice and clean.

Tenants are required to leave the property in the same condition they received it, allowing for fair wear and tear. That goes both ways if it is left clean or dirty. If their entry condition report shows that it is dirty, unclean or damaged then that is the condition they can leave it.

If you are strapped for time, we would recommend, to find a local bond cleaner that can get your property in the best possible shape for finding tenants. If there is something that isn’t quite up to standard you can send them back to fix up the error instead of wasting your weekends on your hands and knees scrubbing when it could be spent doing something you actually enjoy. Better quality tenants will apply for your property if it’s clean.

Often when living in a property, there can be things that get neglected and we grow use to living with them. Now is the time to get them sorted, so your property is in mint condition. Inspect every fixture, from the letterbox to the back fence, and everything in between and check if it needs replacing or repairing. 

Look out for problem areas such as:

+ mouldy bathroom grouting

+ leaking washers or taps

+ broken tiles and chipped paint

+ broken light fittings & burnt out light bulbs

+ broken door and window latches 

+ smoke detectors overdue for service

+ clogged guttering and/or drains

+ heating and/or cooling systems requiring service

+ dirty fireplaces

+ faulty or damaged appliances

+ faulty swimming pool filters &/or equipment

+ faulty fences, gates or security systems

Attention given to a minor repair today, can potentially save you spending big dollars to fix a bigger problem down the track.